Introduction to Tibetan Astrology:

Bon religion forms the basis of Tibetan astrology. Lord Shenrab Miwo has introduced it in his teachings of 'nine ways of Bon'. Tibetan Astro Science is divided into two main categories: Byung-rTsis (Elemental astrology) and Kartsi (Astronomy). Tibetan astrology is used in different stages and fields of one's life.
When a baby is born, parents will consult the astrologer to cast a birth horoscope (che tse). It can tell you about his previous life, his nature in present life and how long will live etc. When a couple is getting married, they can look for marriage compatibility (Bak tsi) It tells whether the marriage is recommendable, any obstacles in the marriage, remedies for the obstacles etc.

Yearly predictions are made to see what will happen during the year (Gak tsi). It tells you about obstacles during the year with regards to business deals, traveling and one's health etc. Tibetan astrology has a close relationship with Tibetan Medicine and they are often taught together. If a person has health problems, astrology is used for diagnosing the disease and finding the right cure. It can also tell you about suitability of particular medicine and Physician.
When people die, horoscopes are made for funeral arrangements (Shi tsi). Astrologers can advise on rituals and methods of cremation. It can determine the spiritual cause of death suggest for spiritual practices as there are chances of ominous harms entailing from death of the person to living members of the family. Horoscopes are commonly used in times of change, such as moving to a new house; starting a new project or traveling to far away places.
It can also predict a general life span (Tse rab la tsi) to see what could possibly happen in a person's life. However, Tibetan astrology is not a fatalistic system. A person's life can be changed for better or worse by his or her own actions. our life too follow law of cause and effect relationship. Religious practice or virtuous actions will create a better life by purifying karmic potentials, and an astrologer can advise on suitable practice, ritual offerings and amulets.


Name of Culculation Tell you about
1. Life time chart
  • Your life span.
  • Obstacles in your life.
  • No. of children you will have in your life.
  • Conditions of your life at different stages of your life.
  • Your previous life.
  • Your next Life.
  • Protectors/deities for you.etc.
2. Yearly / Annual chart.
  • Obstacles during the year
  • Lucky and unlucky things for you during the year.
  • Condition of your health during the year.
  • Spiritual and material remedies for the obstacles.etc.
3. Health chart (Astrological calculation for sick and ailing)
  • Reasons and source (evil spells) of your illness.
  • Whether the illness is life threatening.
  • The best alternatives (medical system, suitability of Physician, etc.)
  • Remedies for your illness etc.
4. Wedding chart
  • Suitability of the marriage/engagement (Recommendable or not at all)
  • Obstacles (Those of suitable marriages)
  • Remedies to smoothens the marriage.
  • Luckiest/most favorable time for your marriage etc.
5. Death / Rebirth chart (Post death astrological calculation).
  • Recommendation of the cremation (type of cremation/direction or location)
  • Location of deceased person's spirit
  • Possible Life after death.
  • Recommendation for better rebirth.
  • Chances of ominous harms entailing from death of the person to you/family
  • If so, the remedies.etc.

Geshe M. Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche is doing the above calculations on request. Since the calculation charts are very complex and time consuming we charge $150-200 per calculation if you order us. But the proceeds from these calculations will go towards maintenance of Bonpo monks and construction of Bonpo monastery in Nepal.

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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee our prediction. Accuracy rate of our prediction normally is 80%. Accuracy of our prediction will depend upon how true is your information provided to us. Also your faith in the astrology is one of the factors.

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